Square Dog Lick mat (20cm square)
Square Dog Lick mat (20cm square)
Square Dog Lick mat (20cm square)
Square Dog Lick mat (20cm square)
Square Dog Lick mat (20cm square)

Square Dog Lick mat (20cm square)

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Material Silicone
Colour Blue
Pet Type Dogs, Cats
Pattern Square
Target species Cat, Dog

About this item

This dog lick mat is food-grade and is safe for your dog or cat.


Portable, easy to store, machine washable, dishwasher safe, and durable when used by friendly doggies. Non-slip back with suction caps. Loads of grooves to hide pastes and soft treats such as cheese paste, peanut butter, gravy, and yoghurt.


Packaged in a sealed plastic bag with an instructions card (the image might vary from the one shown).
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Beat Boredom and destructive behaviour. Your dog will love this interactive skills aid and engage with it daily for up to 30 minutes. Hide their favourite soft treats and watch them enjoy themselves. Freeze the mat for double the enrichment time.


These lick mats can be washed by hand, dishwasher or washing machine after use. Allow to dry in the air, ready for the next use.


Make it part of your friend’s downtime every day.


Mats are supplied in different colours.


Each mat comes in a sealed clear bag with an insert card (see images).


These are not chew toys and can be damaged. If you have a puppy or a ‘chewer’, ensure they are supervised when using the mat. In every case, we recommend removing the mat after a maximum of 30 minutes of supervised use.

What is a LickyMat?

A lick mat serves a dual purpose: to soothe and calm your dog by providing a stimulating surface to engage with and a fun way to do treats while enriching their mental and physical well-being.

The process is simple yet effective. By spreading a soft and delectable snack onto the mat, your furry companion will be naturally drawn to interact with it. As they engage with the lick mat, they'll enjoy licking and exploring the various textures on its surface, creating a delightful sensory experience.

One of the main benefits of using a lick mat is its ability to supplement a slow feeder bowl. The lick mat comes to the rescue for dogs that tend to devour their meals too quickly. It encourages them to slow their eating, turning mealtime into a more engaging and rewarding activity.

The textured surface of the lick mat not only provides mental stimulation for your dog and offers various other advantages. It can help promote better dental health as the licking action aids in cleaning their tongue and teeth. Additionally, it can alleviate anxiety or stress, making it an excellent tool for relaxation during challenging situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or vet visits.

The versatility of the lick mat allows you to get creative with the types of treats you use. You can spread a favourite joy, soft dog food, peanut butter, or yoghurt onto the mat. The licking process not only extends the enjoyment of the treat but also provides a sense of satisfaction for your dog.

Using a lick mat is easy and can quickly become a part of your dog's routine. Supervising your dog during their interaction with the mat is essential, especially if it's their first use. Always ensure your treats are safe and suitable for your dog's dietary needs.