Dog Grooming Shampoo brush \ comb made from soft rubber

Dog Grooming Shampoo brush \ comb made from soft rubber

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Size 11cm x 7cm grooming pad size
Colour Yellow \ Blue \ Black \ Green \ Pink
Target species Cat, Dog
Features Flexible band will fit any sized hand
Cleaning Hand
Packaging Some have a retail cardboard backing

Soft Rubber Dog Cat Brush Pet Bath Silicone Comb Massage Comb Hair Remover Pet Supplies Dog Grooming Wash Cleaning Equipment:

Product category: bath/massage brush
Material: TPR

Ready for Retailers:

Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.
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It's a perfect grooming pad for cats and dogs and is very popular with Vets and dog groomers. It's a quick, clean way to groom your dog or cat.

SImple-to-use comb for daily grooming:

TPR bristles, massage comb hair.
Tapered comb teeth, neatly arranged, combing hair.

Healthy fur = A Healthy Pet

Our Dog Comb is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. Comb your pet at least twice a week to keep on top of their fur shedding and to prevent infections and parasite infestations.

Both are essential to remove dead fur that will not naturally fall off and allow fresh air to keep the skin healthy and reduce the 'wet dog' smell.

Hygenic and EASY-TO-CLEAN:


Your dog or cat will benefit immensely from regular brushing during hotter weather.